Fanback Chairs-Fanback Settee

Our #1 best-seller, the Fanback Chair, is our signature chair. Based on the Adirondack style chair, this chair features an elegantly curved back with a gently sloping seat. These chairs are extremely comfortable, making it the ideal choice for the beach, decks or patios.

Fanback Chair Settee

1 Tone or 2 Tone in Standard Colors: $639.00

Premium Colors: $689.00

Solid Rustic: $859.00

Rustic w/ Standard color : $729.00


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  • natural wood or maintenance-free poly
  • stainless steel hardware
  • many style and color choices
  • can be one color or two tone

1 Tone or 2 Tone in Standard Colors:
Green, White,
Cedar, Burgundy,
Blue, Dark Gray,
Gray, Black,
Turquoise, Patriot
Blue, Ivory, Brown,
Lime Green, Red

Premium Colors: 
Orange, Pink,
Purple, Yellow

Rustic Colors:   

Rustic Burgundy,
Rustic Nutmeg,
Rustic Gray


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Dimensions36 × 68 × 41 in

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